I am...A multi-discipline, hands on, event, screen and brand communication creative known for unique creative direction, show direction, branded environment design and content production, including writing and video directing.


I use my talents to create emotional connections for my client’s audiences.  Whether it’s an internal kickoff for a thousand employees, an experience bringing a brand to life, a video profiling a company for potential investors or a celebration involving hundreds of performers.


I am


A lateral thinker 

A story teller

An ideas person

A strategic creative

A team builder and player

A mentor and guide

A people person

The client's partner

Owner of a sense of humour

Hard working and energetic

Passionate and curious

A bit of a stirrer


I approach creative solutions holistically - as I know that communicating with people, really touching their hearts and minds, is about connecting to them emotionally as well as intellectually.


I love the world I work in…it’s vibrant and exciting, spirited and innovative. 


I love being part of a creative team and believe in a culture that promotes creativity through empowerment and respect. I also love having people to bounce ideas off and to collaborate with. It always seems so much more satisfying and much more fun than doing it alone…


…like most things in life!


belle lightfoot


© Bella Creative // Belinda Lightfoot // Creative Director Sydney

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