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When hard work pays off!

Winning multiple awards for my work in 2021 made it a pretty special year!

Campaign Asia 

Best Brand Experience 2020 & 2021


Transform Awards 2021

Best Brand Experience


Australian Event Awards 2021

Event of the Year

Best Small Virtual Event

CD, Show and Video Director. 1st ever online launch for GMSV (General Motors Special Vehicles) called - Future Icons 

A suite of motion designed titles, bumps and commercials, plus bespoke video, accompanied an hour long online launch of 4 new vehicles to dealers throughout ANZ, including the much anticipated S8 Corvette.  

Show Director - Opening and closing ceremonies for the Invictus Games, Sydney

An incredible experience that was a career highlight for me, despite the worst electrical storm in decades trying to derail our ceremony only hours before it was due to start! I'll never forget these events for their excitement and the most worthy of competitors. 

CD and Show Director.
A live event, 
chockablock with performers, music, games, fun, information and excitement, that made the games a reality for 15,000 volunteers!

With a two hour show repeated 3 times over 2 days, the Commonwealth Games volunteers got their first taste of the excitement and energy in store for them at the games.  

I cannot thank Belle enough for making a creative experience so fulfilling, both from a creative stand point and also for just the beautiful person she is to work along side, both on the live stage and also behind the camera.

Tim Campbell​

Entertainer - Corporate event emcee/singer/actor/amateur mixologist 

I've had the good fortune of witnessing Belle's creativity come to life for the past 15yrs. She works with passion, kindness, a desire to bring out the best in everyone on the team; and she's a cultural polymath to boot! She makes every project a success. 

​Dan Pearce

Founder at 4plus1 - the communal enterprise


Belle works collaboratively, making it seem so easy and seamless, and is and will always be my go-to for creativity, content, and curating an event.

Trish McNamara

Business Australia,

Customer Engagement, Events, Experiences, Partnerships

Belle has the rare talent to create a vision that encompasses theatre, arts, music, comedy into something extraordinary.  She is Belletacular, Belletastic and a Bellegend!

Julz de Jong

Executive Producer at Jack Morton Worldwide


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